Harold Lohner

Prints of Men

September 2-30: Five14Arts @ Chartreuse
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Harold Lohner | Wheel of Life
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  • 09 Dec

  • HLohner

Wheel of Life


cycle of 40 projected images

as seen at the Opalka Gallery, Albany, and at Troy Night Out

This project was supported by a Sage Colleges Faculty Summer Grant.

This project was partially funded by the New York Foundation for the Arts and The Arts Center of the Capital Region.

These images began as scanner drawings. For each, the scanner glass was inked and the drawing made in the ink, in the manner of finger painting or a subtractive monotype. Then the images was scanned and the glass cleaned in preparation for the next image. From nearly 250, these were later selected and sequenced, colored in Photoshop, and output as 35mm slides for presentation.